Is my foot wet? The New Found Lands Project

  • Sean Aita


Abstract This paper offers a practitioner insight into elements of a performance project entitled New Found Lands linking the creative teams from two theatre companies based in rural communities in Newfoundland Canada, and Hampshire England.  Exploring the project’s aims, objectives and outcomes it presents a reflection on issues of cultural identity, and inter-cultural co-operation.  

Sean Aita Sean Aita is a senior lecturer in acting for the Arts University College at Bournemouth. He spent five years as Artistic Director of Forest Forge Theatre Company, where his work was short-listed for the Stage Awards for Achievement in Regional Theatre.  He is a regular guest director for Vienna’s English Theatre in Austria. Research interests include the cultural implications of performance for L2 (second language) audiences, and rural theatre.  Recent publications include; “Performing England: Language and culture in performative praxis” in Research in Drama Education and “An unobscured glow: Towards a definition of rural theatre” in The Journal of Arts and Communities.